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5 Wedding Proposal Common Mistakes

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 5 Wedding Proposal Mistakes Make your proposal one that she will always remember... for the right reasons!

Every woman has an idea of how she'd like her dearest one to propose to her. Some might have this fantasy of a knight in shining armour, white horse and all, to whisk her off her feet and propose. Others are more realistic (how many knights do you know out there lady?) and hope that a very special someone will bend down on one knee and confess his love for her.

Unfortunately, today's era of text messaging and plethora of gadgets have made communication so impersonal; that most men don't know the dos and don'ts of a good wedding proposal. A big blunder on your part could break that excitement she has been dreaming about. Yes, she'll probably still marry you but do you want her to remember this very special moment for the right reason or all the wrong ones? Make this moment unforgettable for both of you, by avoiding a few common mistakes.

1.Going Without A Ring
Some women might tell you they wouldn't mind if they got the ring later, but believe me when I say they're lying. They all in secret hope that their hubby to be comes with a ring in tow. If you don't know her size or style, ask her sister or friend to help you. An alternate would be to make sure the jewelry maker is willing to resize once you have proposed.

2.Leaking The News -
She wants to be the first one to hear it. Please do not go announcing it to your friends and family before you ask her to marry you. People love gossiping even after being sworn into secrecy. How embarrassing for her to bump into your buddies who congratulate her on an engagement she is yet to hear about herself!

3.Doing It On Impulse
 Being toasted, depressed or on the rebound from another love is not the right time to propose for wedding. Same goes for instants when you're under the influence of friends or pressure from family. Your ladylove will guess something is amiss if it's not from your heart. You might regret it later, putting both of you through heartache.

4.Too Creative
-Women love creative, romantic proposals. But beware of plans that need much co-ordination or depend upon others to be carried out. The limo driver who takes her to the wrong restaurant or the waiter who puts the ring into your wine glass - not hers - could be disastrous. Call a responsible friend lest he does not keep her out at coffee longer; and she walks into the apartment too early, before you are done with candles spelling "Hey YOU, marry me." then smile to her warm and gentle.

5.Professional vs Personal lives ( Do not do it on the office )
Nope, it's not romantic, even if movies might tell you otherwise. Maybe she's comfortable mixing the professional and personal lives. This is a special moment and these are not the people you want to share it with. Besides, her reaction will be subject to public display which she may not appreciate.

Well, this is just a list of things not to do while planning your wedding proposal. The key is natural and know you partner behavior. then get the wedding proposal idea that can level with both of you. Your love for each other should take the rest.

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