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"The 101 Best Marriage Proposal Ideas"

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Inside The Romantic's Guide To Popping The Question
You'll find…

  • Inexpensive proposal stories
  • Elaborate proposal stories
  • Creative proposal stories
  • Romantic proposal stories
  • Proposals surrounded by friends and family+
  • Private and intimate proposals
  • Sentimental proposals
  • Proposals including your religious faith
  • Christmas, Easter, New Years & Halloween proposal ideas
  • Proposals in nature
  • Proposals by women!
  • Proposals that conceal the ring in a unique way
  • Proposals involving family and friends
  • And much more…

Please, you do not want to end up like this person in the video


The Plan, Preparation, and The Run Down of a Wedding Proposal

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I need some help. I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 22. We've been dating for about one and a half years, and I'm going to propose here sometime.

I have an idea, just thought I'd run it by some of you, see if you think its a good idea, or if you could help me spice it up a bit.

She's a school teacher (1st grade), so I thought I would try to get the kids involved.

What I want to do is to pray a novena with her throughout the school day, once every hour. I'll start it with a small religious gift on her desk when she gets to school, with the first prayer. Then once an hour I'll send another gift and prayer till the end of the school day which is 9 hours. I'll have one of the other teachers pull a kid out of class, give him the gift and send him back in to give it to her.

At the end of the day, I'll have someone pick her up and bring her to me. I'm thinking I'll either propose in an perpetual adoration chapel or in a Church in front of the blessed sacrament. But I don't really know what else to do with the proposal part to spice it up a bit. I'd like to do it in front of the blessed sacrament, because we have built our relationship there, with mass everyday together and many trips to adoration.

By the way, she is teaching at a Catholic school, and I think the novena will be to St. Joseph.

Any other ideas or variations would be nice, or if your a girl, would you even like this kind of proposal???

Thanks and God Bless,
 Ok now, this is your current condition so far.I can tell you that even if you think you are ready, turn out to be you are not.You getting all nervous and second guess all your plan with friends who might never pop a question before. A wedding proposal from a guy that never ask one is completely rubbish and idiotic. You can get the idea and learn from the other success story, and level it with your condition. All you need is read this book and you are good to go. :D


5 Wedding Proposal Common Mistakes

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 5 Wedding Proposal Mistakes Make your proposal one that she will always remember... for the right reasons!

Every woman has an idea of how she'd like her dearest one to propose to her. Some might have this fantasy of a knight in shining armour, white horse and all, to whisk her off her feet and propose. Others are more realistic (how many knights do you know out there lady?) and hope that a very special someone will bend down on one knee and confess his love for her.

Unfortunately, today's era of text messaging and plethora of gadgets have made communication so impersonal; that most men don't know the dos and don'ts of a good wedding proposal. A big blunder on your part could break that excitement she has been dreaming about. Yes, she'll probably still marry you but do you want her to remember this very special moment for the right reason or all the wrong ones? Make this moment unforgettable for both of you, by avoiding a few common mistakes.

1.Going Without A Ring
Some women might tell you they wouldn't mind if they got the ring later, but believe me when I say they're lying. They all in secret hope that their hubby to be comes with a ring in tow. If you don't know her size or style, ask her sister or friend to help you. An alternate would be to make sure the jewelry maker is willing to resize once you have proposed.

2.Leaking The News -
She wants to be the first one to hear it. Please do not go announcing it to your friends and family before you ask her to marry you. People love gossiping even after being sworn into secrecy. How embarrassing for her to bump into your buddies who congratulate her on an engagement she is yet to hear about herself!

3.Doing It On Impulse
 Being toasted, depressed or on the rebound from another love is not the right time to propose for wedding. Same goes for instants when you're under the influence of friends or pressure from family. Your ladylove will guess something is amiss if it's not from your heart. You might regret it later, putting both of you through heartache.

4.Too Creative
-Women love creative, romantic proposals. But beware of plans that need much co-ordination or depend upon others to be carried out. The limo driver who takes her to the wrong restaurant or the waiter who puts the ring into your wine glass - not hers - could be disastrous. Call a responsible friend lest he does not keep her out at coffee longer; and she walks into the apartment too early, before you are done with candles spelling "Hey YOU, marry me." then smile to her warm and gentle.

5.Professional vs Personal lives ( Do not do it on the office )
Nope, it's not romantic, even if movies might tell you otherwise. Maybe she's comfortable mixing the professional and personal lives. This is a special moment and these are not the people you want to share it with. Besides, her reaction will be subject to public display which she may not appreciate.

Well, this is just a list of things not to do while planning your wedding proposal. The key is natural and know you partner behavior. then get the wedding proposal idea that can level with both of you. Your love for each other should take the rest.


My wedding proposal is my very first step

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To truly give you an perceptiveness of the story of how I asked my wedding proposal, I must tell you a little about her, and us. Here is our story up to the wedding proposal.

My fiancée, Lyndi, is a singularly astounding person. Note that I said "person" and not just "woman." She is the most giving, tender, witty, engaging, outgoing, and thoughtful person I have ever known. She treats me like a king, and not because she is slavish. She and I are locked in some kind of epic "Love War," by which I mean that we are always treating one another with love, respect, and mutual devotion.....almost as though we are trying to "out-love" the other. Hence, the "Love War"

I had seen Lyndi for the first time weeks before we talked. She was so gorgeous (and still is), that I thought there was no way person like her would be single. How could she be? A woman as bright as she ought to have a line of men around the block awaiting for the chance to cross paths with her. One day, despite my concerns, I saw my opportunity....and I took it.

December, 2003: I saw her in the parking lots, getting the windshield fixed after a recent chip to the glass. I noticed her standing at that place, and successfully to say "Nice car". This, of course, thrilled her (Oh, how she loves that car), and we struck up a conversation. She agreed to go out to lunch with me, and I was hooked. The conversation, the intelligence, the sense of humor of this woman completely mesmerized me, and I was hers. Fast-forward and skip to Super Bowl Sunday, 2004. While I'd normally be watching the game,images of her dominated any interest in it. So, I decided to take my young son to a Chuck-E-Cheese for some bite, and I called her to see if she would join us. She agreed, and off we went. It was there, in the play area, that she told me she wanted to be in a committed relationship with me. The Voyager Probe never flew so high (oh dear God)

I have learned over these months just how great she is, and we began to discuss a future together. She is totally vintage, with a groovy art-deco/retro style. So, I decided that any wedding proposal befitting my Lyndi must be as vintage and original as she. We went together to search for and purchase her ring, so she knew it was coming, but not exactly when.

I spoke to her boss, and he conspired with me to arrange a "company meeting", which would feature a "special guest speaker". I sent via e-mail several images of her and me to a co-worker of hers - places we've been, things we've done, memories we have made. Brenda, (the co-worker) set it all to music in a PowerPoint display, and the wheels were in motion. Several others were enlisted to help me pull it off, and NO ONE revealed a thing to her. I still find it hard to believe that she did not fknow ahead of time. Friday, November 5, 2004: The meeting starts and her boss introduces the "guest speaker," and in I come. 50 people in the room, and better than half of them knew what was coming, but the look on her face was one of complete shock. I describe it as "happily mortified."

I began to tell the assembled how much Lyndi means to me, and was about to begin the PowerPoint, when I said "someone's missing." I stepped out of the room, and came back in with her mother, who had made a secret trip to Denver, from Santa Fe, at my invitation to be there for the special moment. Her mother sat down, and I began the presentation. During the show and my speech, every woman in the room was crying. Lyndi was smiling from ear to ear, still spinning in a rush of emotion as she knew our lives were about to change, and only for the better. The guys in the room were even a little touched (although one later admitted that there was a general feeling amongst them that I had just blown the curve for the another competitor......oops!)

On my knee, I asked Lyndi if she would give me the unmatched privilege of being her husband. She was able to squeak out a "Yes," and I still stand in astonishment that I get to remain hers forever. Sorry this is so long, but to understand the magnitude of that moment, you must first understand the magnitude of my love for her.

Thank You for reading, what Im try to say is, your wedding proposal should be natural, and in the same time perfect and surprise. A wedding proposal is not just a path or tradition to follow, it's serve also as a celebration of your love to your partner and want to remember it forever, yes the day you both decide to take the relationship to another level.


Wedding proposal and the value behind it.

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Biker's Sunset

When I met my boyfriend, I was very much into bike riding, and participated in every MS150 event that they offer around the Houston area. For the 2003 Houston to Austin MS150 he had a fishing tournament that weekend. I agreed to stall my MS150 to take our kids out of school and go with him for the tourney, but made him promise that next year, if the bike ride was on a different weekend, he would ride with me. He agreed, likely not thinking much of it! Well, sure enough, this year the bike ride and fishing tourney were on different weekends. So, we went and bought him a nice road bike, and he began training with me. I think it amazed him how much he actually enjoyed riding!

We started this years MS150 with my company team, made it to LaGrange (the halfway point), showered, and were relaxing in the tent when he suddenly decided he wanted to go for a walk. I was exhausted from riding 95 miles, but said OK. We went walking around, and found this really nice overlook. It was sunset, it was quiet, and we were about as alone as we could be with 18,000 other people in the park. I wish I had taken my camera with me, and if I had known what was about to happen, I would have!

We were watching the sunset, when he asked me how long we had been dating, and if I was happy. I said I was very happy, and I was so glad he had decided to do the ride with me. He said that it was so special, being our first MS150 together, then asked if I wanted to make it even more exceptional. Before it dawned on me what he was saying, he had downed to one knee and said "Will you marry me?" My answer, after saying "Are you SERIOUS???" was to say YES, YES, YES in jubilant voice !!

It was the perfect proposal, from the perfect man, who made something I love to do that much more special, I will never forget that bike ride!

- Some random woman, a very happy woman.

This just one story of how you should prepare wedding proposal, forget about getting married. None of the great plan on how beauty you wedding party will be, if you fail when pop on the question, then it's a disaster. A great wedding proposal should be natural and both consist of surprise and take a NO for an answer method. It's not just some moment, but it is a big moment in your life. That's it. So now what do you waiting for? go get your self a nice wedding proposal. may the joy be with you.

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